Customer-focused sales & marketing funnels

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Sales is about people, just like it always has been.

Our customerfocused, evergreen sales and marketing funnel is how you connect your high-ticket offer to the hearts and minds of the right people.

Consistent, High-Quality Leads

No more worrying about getting a prospect on call only to find out they are incompatible. Every lead that comes through your funnel will be qualified and ready to buy.

Maximise Profits With Minimal Effort

Sales is no easy game but the fact that you already have an established audience means that if you were to deploy a well thought out and executed funnel, you would clean up in your industry.

Save Time, Energy, & Money

Funnels are a perfect example of the phrase, “there’s no need to reinvent the wheel,” in action. By automating this part of your business, you empower your business to extract as much value from of the market as possible.

Turn your audience into loyal customers without lifting a finger

What makes funnels written by Hourglass Media so special?

The way we write the copy for your sales and marketing funnel puts your customers front and center. They are the stars of the show, which is as it should be. Every stage of the funnel further qualifies the leads, ensuring that only those who will benefit most from what you offer are knocking on your door.


What is a person-focused sales and marketing funnel?

A person-focused funnel tailors the sales process to the specific needs, concerns, and objections of the individual customer, which can increase the likelihood of a sale.


Why should I invest in a sales and marketing funnel for my business?

A business should have a person-focused funnel for their high ticket offer because it allows them to effectively target and nurture leads and then convert them into paying customers.

A person-focused funnel can also help to build trust and establish a relationship with the customer because people feel as if you are talking directly to them.


How will a person-focused sales and marketing funnel improve the quality of my business?

A person-focused sales and marketing funnel will filter out anyone who is incompatible with your offer. This leaves you in the enviable position of having only people who truly want and need what you offer to deal with.

Will a funnel work for me?

Yes, almost certainly. With that being said, we recognize that spending $10k+ on copywriting alone is a sizable investment. As such, we only work with customers with an established business, a reasonably engaged audience, and a high-ticket offer. We do this to ensure that our contributions to your world achieve the results you want and need.


What will I get as part of my funnel?

When Hourglass Media writes the copy for your funnel, we provide promotional content for your existing audience. Your landing page copy will be SEO-friendly and irresistible to your dream customer. The welcome sequence, which can also include an upsell, will welcome new customers into your world, ensuring they never want to leave. We will also create a sequence of 3 emails for those who abandon the cart process.