Ian Curbishley – Head Of Sales

Director – Hourglass Media LTD

 Ian is a successful entrepreneur and Head of Sales here at Hourglass Media. Residing in Los Angeles with his wife and young son, he has vast expertise in the logistics and distribution industry and business development and management in the medical and other sectors.

Ian, a successful entrepreneur in Los Angeles, excels in logistics, distribution, and business development. Notably skilled in sales, he has secured multi-million-pound contracts and won prestigious awards.

He founded Curian Medical Ltd in 2011, specializing in diagnostic imaging, surgery, and rehabilitation. Despite initial challenges, Ian grew the company and diversified into psychology, commercial office space, and education investments.

In 2015, Ian served on a local council and contributed to the Corporate Governance and Grants Board. Passionate about motorcycles, he has participated in the British Superbike Circuit, managed professional boxers, and played multiple musical instruments.

With an impressive marketing background, Ian has generated tens of millions in sales, including over $25 million for his own companies. As the leader of Hourglass Media Ltd, clients can trust his expertise to achieve marketing success.