Mike Griffiths – Head Of Marketing

Director – Hourglass Media LTD

Mike Griffiths is a Copywriter & Head of Marketing at Hourglass Media LTD with over a decade of helping small to medium businesses create deeper and more meaningful connections with their audience, resulting in increased profits.

Specializing in selling through storytelling, Mike uses that experience to produce copy that sells products, launches services and increases revenue for businesses with already established audiences.

Throughout Mike’s life, he has had the good fortune to work in many different industries, from spending time as a chef (even winning an award or two), to working in demolition, to working in sales, and more.

His journey through business has been unconventional, going from working in tech building software, to attempting to get into art dealing, to coaching business owners on how to manage their time and energy to avoid burnout, to copywriting and marketing, and more.

The highs were aplenty, as were all the thunderous lows, but the lessons learned were worth the struggle and have proven invaluable in the formation of Hourglass Media LTD.

As he looks to the future, Mike anticipates a multitude of new successes awaiting Hourglass Media LTD and its clientele. He approaches the future with optimism, recognizing that no matter how hard times may be, there are always opportunities to be found.